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Mmusi Maimane manage to drag Shimza until Mzansi turn their backs on him, with these reasons.

Its all started when Shimza was trying to protect ANC corruption because he benefited from the system.The pair occupied with a warmed trade on Twitter on Tuesday after Maimane attacked the office's expense. Shimza said he had seen remarks from individuals who work in development and "architects" who inferred the expense was not implausible.

Mmusi maimane had alot to say todau and take some things out of he's chest. He said i quote,

"Public funds are not a laughing matter.

People go to bed hungry, people have had businesses shutdown during the pandemic. People are being evicted. Every cent spent must be accounted for. Every cent spent must meet all ethical standards. Whether it’s a stadium or a gig."

He further went to say this, Open the space and tell your story. Explaining how your restaurant got chosen in violation of PFMA. Explaining how much money was spent and how much you benefited. Then explain why you hide young performers who are helping you.

We don’t need a documentary. He clearly not letting this to slide and nobody anticipated that this twar will still be going on even today. He's clearly making example out of him not to say things with no facts or background of how things operate in government.

He definitely not playing with Shimza, he's literally opening all the cans of worm. Furthermore, he said To join a cover up session. I wasn’t born last night. I told you that no DJ can spin the turntables of impropriety and corruption. If everything was above board you would not have your lawyer present and you would share all the relevant documentation. I know a fire pool story when I see it.

Not Shimza making this about jealousy and people who dont want to see him succeed when he literally started this mess by going back and forth with Mmusi Maimane. He implicated himself and now he is blaming others.#ShimzaSpace

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