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Opinion| Cyril Ramaphosa is not part of the solutions we need in South Africa.

IS RAMAPHOSA A POLITICAL LIABILITY TO MY ANC? - as I observe the pressure mounting.

In my previous posts, I have stated my reasons why my ANC should make political decisions on Ramaphosa and cut its losses by asking him to resign or not to stand for election as President of ANC. Those who are involved in factions ready posts with factional interest and suspicions. I want to repeat here again that I care less about CR22 or Zuman supporters called RET. I care about ANC only.

Just so you understand why Ramaphosa is now a political liability to ANC.

1. The CR 17 Bank records did not die. People still want to know if indeed no judiciary members received payment from Ramaphosa. Unless this matter is settled all judgments of our Courts in favor of Ramaphosa shall remain suspicious.

2. The Phala Phala scandal shall create a new campaign by the opposition asking for his removal and his next 5 years as ANC President (if elected) shall be to fend off opposition while government work suffers.

3. Marikana massacre is gaining momentum with Court cases now pointing to his liability for a civil claim. He was not in government then but now we shall see anger against him from his private business deals affecting the government just like Phala Phala.

4. Zondo's report is also scratching on Ramaphosa and many consider him equally responsible for State Capture as he was the Deputy President to Zuma when Guptas looted the state. There is no evidence that he played any significant role to stop it. His private business interests related to Eskom can't be ruled out as part of corruption. After all, he did not sell his shares but transferred them to a Trust that still benefits from his investments.

5. Ramaphosa's proximity to the capital and the west is becoming a thorn within ANC as the party is still more for the poor and working-class and aligned to anti-imperialism of the USA and the West. There is no confidence that Ramaphosa can honestly lead ANC and government against the west to build strong BRICS and other blogs that seek to create an alternative world system.

We may not appreciate the extent of the crisis ANC shall continue to be in unless we remove ourselves out of the current groupings and think outside the box.

We are in serious trouble and Ramaphosa is not part of the solution. Yes, Zondo Report needs a leader to implement it but to me, that leader should not be Ramaphosa if we need an objective person. He is too tainted.

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