Godongwana is trying to clear his name but is too late now see why I say is too late

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana faced a charge of assaulting an employee of the kruger national park and this happened as he was visiting the resort.

but Godongwana denies these allegations and says that when this happened he was with his wife, now Godongwana the opposition groups are asking him to resign from this office.

But Godongwana does not accept these allegations and now he is trying to clear his name but this will not happen because it has already become public, no matter how well ge did but with these allegations won't be easy for him to clear his name.

because if he says that while his sister was working and that he assaulted Godongwana, he says that he had something to say to his wife, that he is trying to clear his name.

but now there is a case that has been opened against the Minister saying that he molested a woman which points to the iron fist of the leaders of this country which makes people feel distrustful of men including the leadership of this country.

Enoch Godongwana Godongwana


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