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“Suspend Cyril” — SA Social Media Users Come Against Ramaphosa in Another Dimension

South Africans have been provoked beyond measures by the recent increment in the prices of fuel amidst level 6 load shedding. They are trending another hashtag, “Suspend Cyril”, saying that they are fed up with the hardship and difficulty in the country. They are even apologizing to former president Jacob Zuma for how they treated him, saying that his administration was by far better than the present administration. A social media user has said that he supports the recent hashtag of, “Suspend Cyril”, saying that they cannot continue to keep quiet. He wrote, “Can we all wake up and go to Union building and demand Cyril Ramaphosa to step down as a president of South Africa? I am tired of tweeting, action is needed more than ever #SuspendCyril”. Another person added, “The two reasons I'll support #SuspendCyril is COVID-19, and Ukraine war. He did not inherit these problems from anyone. This is where his leadership was tested. While the country is going down, the man is busy stashing money in furniture. He failed us badly”.

The hashtag has taken taken the number one position among trending topics in South Africa. This brings the Ramaphosa's trending topics to three. A South African youth who felt that the ANC is too silent on Ramaphosa's issues advised that it is better to vote out the ruling party in the next election. He said, “In 2024 the people of South Africa must just agree on one thing and that is voting out the ANC in power. It is time for change and restoration in this country! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH with these old rascals. #SuspendCyril”. Another person added that people are gradually waking up to reality, saying that Ramaphosa was overrated. He said that there is nothing like new dawn in this government. He also added, “This man ought to be the biggest failure ever. I doubt he is a billionaire with this level of incompetence. The man is an embarrassment. #SuspendCyril”. 


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