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Opinion:The DA Is SA Last Hope As ANC Failed To Do This In The Last 27 years || See Why



The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering about a better political party that can do what they desire. This is because the current ruling party that is leading the South African government has failed the country with empty promises. The reason for this is because the ANC which is the government party is not what the people have been voting for in the last 27 years since obtaining their first Democratic country.

This is because the ANC no longer care about the needs of the community at large as they are now stealing from their community as a funny and exciting thing to do. The reason for this is that the level of corruption in South Africa is very depressing and bad as the youth are now been blamed for not creating jobs for themselves while the government Is not assisting.

The Democratic Alliance President John Steenhuisen has provided the solutions that the country wants but unfortunately, they are not in power. The DA leader appeared in one of the Podcast and chill episodes that are hosted by Mac G known as MacGyver Mukwevho. Mac G has been having different political parties' presidents and members come to his podcast to share their opinions and the dreams they have for their respective political parties and what the country wants or what the people of this country need.

In the Mac G podcast, he was asked a lot of personal stuff about why South Africans are afraid of change and giving the DA a chance to be the SA Government. DA leader says" a lot of people have not healed from what they experienced in the apartheid government, they are still wounded by what happened". This then tells a lot about why the DA is not in power and Steinhuissen has provided that what the people want to be sorted will be done with urgency in their time as the ruling party.

The Democratic Alliance is South Africa's last hope as the African National Congress failed to do this in the last 27 years. The ruling party has failed to exercise the promises that they make during election time. This has then made the ANC lose their majority of votes of more than 50% as the statistics in 2024 might be a total disaster if they don't start acting right.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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