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"Cyril Your Cdes Don't Want You, Respect The Nation And Resign" EFF Member


As numerous calls are being made for president Cyril Ramaphosa to resign following his Phala Phala scandal, Economic Freedom Fighters members and their leadership have also called for him to resign.

Several ANC comrades including Tony Yengeni, Carl Niehaus have called for Ramaphosa to do the right thing and step aside so as to allow investigations to take place.

Ramaphosa has however made it clear that he will not step aside or resign citing that if he steps aside it will make him look like he is guilty. The president's justification for not stepping aside is however not convincing enough, it actually makes him look like he is hiding something.

The EFF is calling for Ramaphosa to respect the nation and resign over the Phala Phala scandal.

"Cyril Ramaphosa your comrades don't want you and we don't want you too. Respect the nation and resign," said the EFF member.

While president Cyril Ramaphosa is still trying to put out the fire over his Phala Phala scandal, the Marikana widows and miners who are being represented by advocate Dali Mpofu are hitting him hard as well as High Court finds that he can't be excused from what happened at Marikana.

Ramaphosa will have to juggle several cases that he is faced with, and Economic Freedom Fighters are not letting him go as they call for him to be held accountable.

Economic Freedom Fighters Chairperson, Veronica Mente said Ramaphosa is responsible for Marikana massacre and he must step aside.

EFF has been standing with the Marikana widows for a long time, while Ramaphosa didn't meet with them to apologize.

"Speaker Nosiviwe Nqakula must start to listen and not be emotional when we tell her that Ramaphosa is responsible for the death of Marikana workers. Second judgement same findings. Mr concomitant action must step aside," said Veronica Mente.


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