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Money Is Good, See Throwback Photos Of Julius Malema That Proves He Rose From Grass To Grace

Julius Sello Malema, a well-known and prominent activist and politician from South Africa, turned 41 in March. The politician experienced difficult circumstances, but his perseverance and diligence helped him advance to this point in his life. In this piece, we'll examine Malema's early years and look at some old pictures of him.

By winning the position of regional chairman and chairman of the Seshego Youth League chapter in 1995, he received his first political job. He was elected head of the Congress of South Students for the province of Limpopo two years later.

He was appointed as the organization's president on a national level in 2001. As the year progressed, he was elected president of the ANC and had numerous difficulties along the way, including ANC disciplinary actions, a journalistic incident involving the BBC, the September 2009 Nedbank crisis, and others.

Despite these political problems, he persisted in his success and rose to prominence in modern times. He started the Economic Freedom Fighters political party in 2013, where he earned support and was elected to the parliament in 2014. Malema's life story is an inspiration. He wed Mantoa, his lifelong partner, and the couple had Munzhedzi and Kopano as sons.

We might now start searching through his old images to see what he looked like before he became wealthy. Here are the images:

Money, in my opinion, plays a crucial role in a man's life. As we could see in Malema's example, it would alter every aspect of you, including your appearance, personality, and other vital characteristics.

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