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God change my story too, See photos of Barack Obama before he becomes the president.

God is a miracle-working God, and no matter where you are in life, rest assured that God has better plans for you in the near future. Note that a person's current state does not determine their future, and when God is able to alter a man's story, it would be as if those events never existed at all, because God can do something at any moment, regardless of who is present.

Barack Obama was moved from grass to grace by God; pray for God's grace as well.

Ex-President Barack Obama's biography.

Barack Obama was born on December 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father is a Kenyan economist and politician, while his mother is an Irish-born American student. Obama's father flew to Harvard University to study economics in 1963, leaving his family thousands of kilometers behind. Barack Obama's parents divorced after four years of marriage the next year. Shirley Obama remarried a young Indonesian a few years later, and the family relocated to Jakarta. Barack's mother sent him to live with his maternal grandparents in Honolulu when he was ten years old so that he could pursue an American high school education. After two years at Western College in Los Angeles, California, Barack Obama was accepted to Columbia University in New York, where he earned a bachelor's degree in political science with a concentration in international relations in 1983. He worked as a research assistant and then a financial analyst for a global consulting company before quitting and becoming a community activist in Bronzeville's impoverished black neighborhood, beginning in 1985. He assisted citizens in protecting their rights and advocated for the opening of job offices and the fight against juvenile delinquency for two years. He was admitted to Harvard Law School in 1987, and three years later he graduated with honors, becoming the first African-American to be named editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. He then decided to pursue a career in teaching, taking a position as a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago, where he worked until 2004.

After He was lifted

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Barack Obama


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