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OPINION| Cyril Ramaphosa is our president and he must be given second term

State capture was a manifestation of the feudal structure into which the SA democracy had promptly mutated at the hands of the Stalinist ANC, state structures were captured and repurposed by the upper class which was sponsored by the ANC. The upper class of cadres which the ANC has created is a modern recreation of the traditional feudal structures which governed precolonial South Africa, in essence our problem is a proliferation of royalty that claim a divine right to ruleThere is an increasing number of top ANC cadres who regularly attack the judiciary complaining that, unlike elected politicians, judges are only accountable to themselves these cadres would like the ANC to have power to overrule courts clearly the ANC is not at peace with the principle of rule of law, they prefer rule of the upper class masquerading as representatives of the people, this the essence of the arrogance the Zondo recommendations need to address.

Unfortunately the Zondo recommendations were designed only to address the problems that directly led to state capture the elephant in the room is the system of traditional leadership on which the ANC modelled it's feudal system of cadres, traditional leadership never sat well with the rule of law and democratic principles their role is contrived just because they exist and they know this, they have now become accustomed to the idea that the country owes them a handsome income for doing nothingIndeed traditional leaders are now so averse to work that they ignore even the very few matters that are their exclusive responsibility consider initiation schools, for example, where hundreds of young men get mutilated and even die without any intervention by traditional leaders the first timid steps were taken through the Nhlapho commission to address the challenge of traditional leaders. The situation we inherited from the apartheid era was that most tribes had two kings each, they had acquired extra Kings when British colonialists applied the principle of divide and conquer.

So the Nhlapho commission identified the less legitimate kings who were to be phased out by letting the current incumbents serve their life terms after which they wouldn't be replaced, it is now time to take the next step as part of a comprehensive effort to address feudalism in all its manifestations. It is unfair and undemocratic to impose a class of loafers on a class of hardworking people, however it is a democratic right of hardworking people to voluntarily squander their hard earned money on financing opulent lifestyles of arrogant loafersIt ought to be a simple matter for every tax payer to indicate whether they want tribal tax to be levied from them by SARS and if so for which tribe, SARS can then tally the taxes for each tribe, deduct a collection fee plus applicable taxes and then pay the rest to the traditional leaders of the respective tribes. Presumably those who want to pay tribal tax will be expecting some service from their traditional leaders, if they are not satisfied with the service they ought to be free to ask SARS, at a fee, to stop levying the tribal tax from them. In this way taxpayers would be able to monitor the service and do something about poor service delivery.

The beauty of the idea I am suggesting is that the government would avoid taking the blame for abolishing traditional leadership the power to do so would be transferred to the taxpayers. During financially challenging times, such as now, people would reduce expenditure by simply cancelling the tribal tax thus forcing tribal leaders to find jobs like everyone else

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