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People Are Actually Donating Towards Jacob Zumas Legal Fees, Check Here

Jacob Zuma has been in the spotlight more than usual lately, ever since he stepped down as the president of the country.

The former president has been in the media a lot recently after he was imprisoned and sentenced to serve 15 months in jail for being in contempt of a Con Court ruling. In the week of july the Con Court sentenced him to serve some jail time for disobeying its ruling compelling him to appear and testify before the Zondo Commission of inquiry. 

Whilst inside his arrest had sparked some protests demanding for his release which saw some parts for the country going up in flames, with some properties being destroyed and malls being looted and destroyed.

Before going to jail the former president has been in and out of court for the past 2 decades or so, all mainly on charges of fraud and corruption which he hasn't been found guilty or convicted of. This has accumulated a huge bill for the former president with regards to his legal matters, and with the state not paying for his legal bills anymore Zuma has to cough up the money from his own pocket.

Zuma being who he is, he never seizes to amaze, he knows that he has a huge following and that he has supporters with deep pockets that are very loyal to him and would do anything in their power to make sure the former president clears his name.

The Jacob Zuma foundation has come out recently asking for donations to help the former president with his legal bills. People thought that this was a joke as we all know that the Zuma family has some deep pockets and that people would never participate in such a thing. Well it looks like there are people that taking the matter to heart and are ready to help zuma out of his financial woes.

A picture was posted on the socials showing that people are already donating into the Jacob Zuma foundation to help him out as best as they could.


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