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OPINION| NDZ Is Our Strong 'Mbokodo' But She Now Look Tired, She Must Rest

The ANC in an existential crisis as it continues to impoverish black communities, the party has lost the political will to govern. It has no strategic, administrative and moral leadership to chart a new path for the development of SA. A News24 analysis finds that of the 87 municipalities NDZ's department has classified as being in distress, a further 43 on the brink of collapse have come onlineProbably being looted before election day. In the middle of an election period with the president gallivanting and making hollow promises which he knows he can't make good on, clearly her department- and other relevant ones such as water affairs, environment, PSA and presidency have failed to fix the corruption and maladministration. Broken sewers, intermittent water supply and non-existent refuse removal don't seem to bother any of the ANC provinces or subregions

Rest now, go spend some quality time with your grandchildren together with the comrades. You've played your party guys, it's time to give young people a chance even the president is old, we need young people to rule this country. In as much I love this woman and her work but please do not come back in the next administration, it's time to let the young blood to take over. You can still play a role in society even if you jot in cabinet, coming from a good place. These people are so old but majority of the country is youth. With the rapid development of AI and technology how will these old people, keep up and know what's going on ? Every African leaders are like that they do not even want to hear about retiring, they dont want to give the youth some chance because, if they do so the country will freshly move forward, but with them in the government it makes the whole country look like a dead car, that will never move again

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