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Malema Makes Apartheid Prosecutor Apologise During JSC Interview

The incident was reported by Gauteng judge-president Dunstan Mlambo, who asked Vuma to confirm it. When Vuma denied this, it was suggested that if he refused to go to court, he would have to admit that the incident had taken place. He also asked entertainers to apologize for his role in apartheid.    Show Source Texts

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is schizophrenic, dealing with smart, straight white male lawyers whose privilege is evident from their success. Educated as one of the judges of the Court of Appeal, few black prosecutors and security judges have been appointed by the republic since 1986. EFF leader Julius Malema, in his criticism of the judiciary, has questioned his role as a representative of parliament before JSC judges during interviews, according to the Council for the Promotion of the South African Constitution.    Show Source Texts

The letter, dated March 31 and shown by The Daily Maverick, was sent Monday at the start of a week-long judge's inquiry at the JSC. In the JSC, in the Gauteng section of the Supreme Court, where the judges "hearings are held, Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, is the man of the hour. For this reason, the Council for the Promotion of the Constitution (CASAC) has asked the President of the National Assembly, Thandi, to amend the measures taken by Parliament following the "unjustified and inappropriate" comments made about judges.    Show Source Texts

Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) forced lawyer J.J. Strijdom during apartheid to apologize for his role as prosecutor while he applied for a place in the Gauteng High Court of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). The lawyers vying for a place in the dock of the Gautingen Supreme Court, which was ruled by the apartheid regime, apologized on Wednesday after the JSC conducted an interview with prospective judges. Strijdom was asked about the change in his role in prosecuting cases of public violence.    Show Source Texts

The fact that Gauteng High Court judge David Entertainer is one of the sharpest legal minds in the country has not been reflected in his recommendation for a position on the country's highest court. Lawyer Jacobus Johannes Strijdom, SC, who served as prosecutor and acting judge during apartheid, was interviewed by the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) on Wednesday where he hoped to be recommended for the post of Gautam High Court Division Judge.    Show Source Texts

In an interview broadcast on state television, South Africa's ANC youth rebel Julius Malema was asked if he could stay in the ruling party, saying membership had been in his life since joining the anti-apartheid movement at the age of nine years. In 2011, he was tried and convicted of sedition after insisting on singing the sensitive anti-apartheid song Dubul ibhunu (I shot a Boer).    Show Source Texts

Defence lawyers vying for a place in the dock at Houten High Court have apologised for being part of the apartheid justice system. Lawyers vying for positions on the Gauteng High Court bench are among those on the bench who apologise for being part of the justice system, which they believe was inhumane under the law.    Show Source Texts

The race issue remains an explosive one that has gripped the country in recent weeks with the trial of Julius Malema, the head of the youth wing of the African National Congress, broadcast live on television. In an interview in April 2016, Malemas said he was willing to take up arms to remove the government from the barrel of a gun.    Show Source Texts

The EFF chief asked lawyer J.J. Strijdom to take the opportunity to apologize and declare that he was ready to do so. The EFF called on Malema to seize this opportunity and show his willingness.    Show Source Texts

JSC member China Dodovu asked Strijdom about a concession he made with the Commission in 2018 when he said he remembered people aged 14 who were imprisoned during apartheid for public violence. Dodovus also asked him about another concession he made to the commission in an earlier interview in 2018: that 14-year-old teenagers had been detained during that time for "public violence.".    Show Source Texts

Mandela said the words of the country's first constitutional judge at the inauguration of the Constitutional Court in 1995. The son of the celebrated lawyer Jack Entertainer, who represented many political prisoners facing the death penalty during apartheid, he worked early as an academic lawyer. He was one of South Africa's leading silk merchants before his appointment to the Gauteng Supreme Court in 2018. He has appeared in several prominent cases before the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court.    Show Source Texts

On 30 March, Malemas said at a recent meeting of his highest decision-making body, the EFF Central Command Electoral Congress, during a televised media briefing, that the rule of law would prevail in South Africa if the State Prison Commission, which was chaired by Vice President Judge Raymond Zondo, were not held accountable and that Rupert "stooge" Oppenheimer of radical economic transformation (short for white monopoly capital) represented certain groups in society.    Show Source Texts

The most momentous moment for the rule of law in post-apartheid South Africa came when Jacob Zuma surrendered to police. Zuma had the courage at a press briefing to compare the decree to the state of emergency of the Apartheid era and to offer it as proof of tyranny of the government.    Show Source Texts

The government's justification for President Jacob Zuma's private residence is a case in point. The ANC's underperforming post-apartheid political college has failed to produce high-quality political leaders in international politics. Most of the former leaders of the ANC youth were courted for radicalism and political vulgarity rather than any form of political engagement.    Show Source Texts

Representative Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters asked entertainers if he was willing to be briefed by the white team of the Marikana Commission where he will be represented by Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa.    Show Source Texts

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