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OPINION|| Black Leaders of The Democratic SA Failed Its Own Black Citizens

When the Apartheid government was removed in South Africa, black people took over the government without a proper plan of how to govern the country and improve the lives and mentality of black people of South Africa.

They neglected their own black people who were oppressed, slaved, unskilled, and used for hard labour only. They forget that black people were prevented from education and were unskilled in many different aspects of life.

There was no plan to deal with these situations. They ignored to educate their people first and were rather an in hurry to get power to rule without skills. Foreigners took advantage of the looting and occupied better skills positions in South Africa.

All this looting, occupying of skills posts were taken right in front of South Africans eyes. Unfortunately, there was nothing the citizens of the land could do, we didn't have the right skills as citizens to occupy the positions. There was nothing we could do because we do not know what to do. We were unskilled therefore we do not know, that we don't know what we don't know.

Plainly put South Africa is captured by foreigners. Our leaders have sold our country to foreigners. We would have been much better if our black leaders had ruled with the skilled white people, who didn't have a problem working with black people side by side. Most of our black leaders allowed hate towards white people, rule their judgment and leadership of the nation. This type of hatred is still taking place in our country, South Africa.

We are now reaping the fruits that our leaders sowed:

Poverty, Unemployment, Lack of skilled people, No maintenance of infrastructure, Lawlessness, Crime, Lack of ubuntu, Laziness, etc.


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