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SA attack Aaron for supporting Helen foundation on the decision not to extend ZEP, see reactions

Home Affairs Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi on court action launched by the Helen Suzman foundation on the decision not to extend ZEP @gcismedia 

I feel like we are not respected as South Africans, and we should not continue to show our frustration in a civil manner. If, 180000 Zimbabweans educated ZEPs can come together & unite & contribute R1000 each and register a Zimbabwean political party they can dismantle Mnangagwa, Honestly, I don't care about them. I just want all of them out of South Africa before we start a fight.

NGO's are operating every corner of SA on South African's expense, check who operates most of them! No country will ever allow what SAN'S have to endure daily. Government has been sleeping for too long on these NGOs. Other countries have nip in the bud this thing long time ago. Including ZIM. They know how to toe the line there. If you go astray, your registration is revoked. 

NGOs are RULING OUR STATE.... The current government is controlled by this FACELESS NGOs that are nothing but a distraction to our livelihood and communities, and the ANC Government has let them get away for so long. Support by some SAns does not mean legally correct and does not mean support by majority either. If something is supported by dudula it doesn't mean it's majority or does it mean it's legal. The courts arbitrate wherever there is a dispute of rationality of a law passed by government. I like the part where HSF was reminded that they sat in the comforts of their homes while others were dying on the streets fighting for liberation, yet today they claim to be champions of human right, kudos to the Minister and his office for not swaying. 

We're still living under 1652 occupation, and now they want us to be systematically replaced while we're watching again. 9. The decision of the Minister not to extend the exemptions granted to Zimbabweans has been widely supported by South Africans. HSF, in its desperate bid to blackmail the nation, is twisting the support for the Minister’s decision by the majority of SAs as being “xenophobic”. 

I support this Dr. but not blindly

If his decision is legal & rational, it will pass scrutiny of court

We've been crying for proper immigration controls & we are glad the Dr. is moving fast kwelo cala

The nonsense about struggle credentials & conspiracy theories is unnecessary. 


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