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Zweli Mkhize set to make waves with her daughter, Mamkhize? Check this out

News just broke out that Zweli Mkhize might be Mamkhize's father. Mzansi was very mesmerized after Mamkhize calling Zweli Mkhize father in a picture post on Instagram. Alongside Zweli Mkhize's son Dedani. However word just came out that Mamkhize might have said that out of respect for Dr Zweli Mkhize.

Dr Zweli Mkhize was the minister of health a few years ago and he has unfortunately resigned from that seat unexpectedly, earlier this year. Mamkhize allegedly got tenders to build houses in KZN for families that have lost their houses during the flooding that happened there. Makes sense why Mamkhize would be seen in KZN with Dr Zweli Mkhize alongside his children

Publics opinion:

This is just a mind game she's using her influence to try show us that Dr is a true leader who doesn't allow corruption in his house do now they want to potrey Mkhize as a potential candidate for presidency is quite and interesting theory if I could say so.


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