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27 Years Of ANC Rule, Mzansi Reacts To Disappointing Pictures Showing The ANC's Failure

The youth born in 1994 are now 27 years old. ANC took power in 1994, and the youth unemployment rate is sitting at over 70%, and it doesn’t seem like the government has any direction or any willingness to change this problem and there is enough manpower to change it but the willingness of the people who are involved to change their ways is not there.

The African is now Congress has been in power for 27 years however it has completely failed to provide a better life for the majority of the people of this country, inequality is one of the highest in the whole world with over 40% of the families in the country going hungry every night.

It has also been revealed that the country loses a trillion Rand in government corruption per financial term meaning that despite the things that are being done even while the president is announcing that he is dealing with corruption; corruption is happening everywhere even the speech that he is giving, the people who are funding it probability frauding it.

Most of the people in South Africa are living in extreme poverty in the poor shelters as well as poor services and unreliable electricity supply as well as no employment, meaning that the people are living a very impoverished lifestyles and this is happening at such an alarming rate because it is something that can be prevented at any point in time.

Right now 20 million people are alleged to have to be benefiting from the social grant that the ANC government provides and this is out of the approximately 60 million total population of the country, and this is a huge number of people which are benefiting from social grants and these people are supposed to be working and boosting the economy of the country but instead they are benefiting from the work of others.

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