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OPINION: DA Being The 2nd Must Accepted Party, They Can Win The Presidential Elections By Doing This

The Democratic Alliance can produce a president in the next coming elections. Based on my research, the DA is the second-largest party in the country after the ANC and can make difference in South Africa if given the chance to. 

The Democratic Alliance can bring a president into power but this will take a lot of work for the party. Here are some of the things the party must do to produce a president in 2024.

The first thing the DA must do is to organize a meeting for all DA leaders. All the leaders must be advised during the meeting to ensure they deliver good service to South Africans. The best way to attract people into voting for the DA is through actions not just speaking. When all elected leaders of the party deliver good services to the people, the Citizens would have hope in the DA that they can make South Africa better than the ANC. Service delivery is the best way to win the heart of South Africans into voting for a party.

Secondly, the DA must start campaigning from now. Campaigning in thr form of making South Africans know that they want to rule South Africa and make things better for the people of thr country. I recommend they start campaigning not because if they start when the election is near, South Africans will figure out that the party just wants to win elections not make changes for the country.

Thirdly, the DA must carry out research and design their manifesto based on the problems of South Africa. The DA should assure South Africans that they would solve the water problems, poor electricity, and bad roads in South Africa. 

Finally, the DA must agree to a coalition government so that they can get more votes from the other parties. When they agree to form a coalition, some parties who don't have hope of winning the presidency would vast their vote for a DA candidate. That would be a major boost for the party. 

For me, I believe if the DA follows the above things as I suggested, the party will win the next presidential elections. They just need to work hard and smarter to win the next election.

Thanks for reading my article, feel free to comment in the best way the DA can win the presidency.

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