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RET Cde Says Something Unexpected About Jacob Zuma



The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering what else will happen with the Jacob Zuma trial. This is because a lot of things have been going on with the former president of South Africa. The reason for this is that ever since he stepped down as the president of the country a lot of people haven't found peace with what they faced with him in his administration.

Jacob Zuma's sins will always be a thong in the life of the South Africans as the crimes he committed while he was the president will always be a reminder. The reminder is that the ANC is capable of creating bad leaders that will not serve the interest of the people.

The Radical Economic Transformation member Mfoko says something unexpected about Jacob Zuma and what he said has changed the landscape of the people. Mfoka who has now become a staunch supporter of Zuma has shocked the people of South Africa with his comments telling the people that they will never be free If Jacob Zuma is arrested. Zuma has been in and out in court for a while now with his medical parole making the headlines.

Jacob Zuma last year was awarded a sentence that sounded like the end of him as he was arrested for contempt of court. He only spent two months in jail and later he was awarded medical parole by the former correction service boss Arthur Fraser. Mfoka says that Jacob Zuma must be left alone to live the life he desires without being compromised. Zuma has been subjected to have his sentence made immediately as the crimes of fraud and money laundering have been disturbing the minds of the people.

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