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South Africans panicked after EFF leader Julius Malema made these statements during an interview.

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Following the National Assembly's dismissal of the Land Expropriation Without Compensation Bill on Tuesday, the ANC failed to put it into law. 

The law was postponed by the ANC, but it was defeated by various ideological factions for various reasons. The EFF and ATM thought it went too far in its arrangements, while the DA and other groups thought it was unnecessary and would destroy the economy. 

The bill was supposed to provide clarity on ashore seizure and how it would be approved without infringing on the right to privacy and in conformity with the Constitution's section 25. (right to confiscation). 

Regardless, the bill failed to obtain support from a majority of legislators, with only 204 voting in favor and 145 voting against it. For it to become law, it needed 267 votes. 

The EFF, which introduced the law in 2018 but voted against it, claimed that the flow rendition was watered down and that it was not serious about giving people of color more space. 

When the EFF first launched the land seizure without pay movement in 2018, Julius Malema claimed it was evident what should have been done to address colonial landholding inconsistencies and politically sanctioned racial segregation. 

In the current round, he claimed, the bill was insufficient: 

The ANC refused our request for the state to be the sole owner of the land. 

The EFF, he said, will not support the proposed revision because it would put the country backwards. "The ANC must make amends for the land," he stated. 

Mathole Motshekga, the previous ANC chief whip, reminded all South Africans that the primary goal of the specially formed commission to amend Section 25 of the Constitution was to eliminate the "first sin" to the greatest benefit of all South Africans, not just a portion of society. 

He argued that it was critical for South Africa and the rest of the world to be reminded of this one-of-a-kind evil in order for them to comprehend this insensitive, horrible crime. 

"The Dutch and British pilgrims robbed us of our land and other valuables as Africans. The Dutch pilgrims who visited the Cape placed a premium on land confiscation and relied on Africans for menial labor. The British pilgrims who came to the Cape in the eighteenth century abolished slavery and advocated for liberal policies that barred the Dutch pioneers from working as slaves and limited their access to African men to menial labor "Motshekga expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. 

He explained that the allegation was intended to remedy the wrongdoing committed against the African majority: 

The individuals voting against the bill are the victims of this awful atrocity, which is being carried out with the support of a group of Africans who have no clue about the country's history. 

He claims that those who oppose the law believe that in 2024, they will get control and do whatever they want thanks to unholy alliances. 

"We are unconcerned about those who oppose the law; however, we are confident that the ANC will make the land available to people regardless of their opposition. Because our problems of unemployment and inequity will worsen until we make land accessible to individuals, "He expressed himself. 

People who voted against the bill, according to Motshekga, are stating that African people, and people of color in particular, should continue to suffer. 

DA MP Annelie Lotriet, speaking against the bill change, stated that as the country celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Constitution's adoption, Parliament is still debating a constitutional amendment that will have far-reaching consequences for the country. 

"Is it critical to modify Area 25? Is it consistent with the values enshrined in the United States Constitution? "She wanted to know more. She claimed that the Constitution was violated since part 25 was rewritten in an ambiguous manner. 

"Custodianship is used in meetings for egalitarians to enlist the help of individuals. Property privileges should be respected, as they are consistent with common liberties. This will put property rights at risk and have a negative impact on business. This is not the type of leadership that the country requires "she expressed herself. 

Phatiswa Magopeni's disciplinary hearing at the SABC should be open to the media, according to the petition. 

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