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If the ANC Fails It Will Be The End Of South Africa says Former President Thabo Mbeki/ Opinion


In the past 27 years that ANC has ruled in South Africa they have done nothing but destroy the country.All they do is lie and lie to South Africans but never deliver anything .South Africa has a high unemployment rate , millions of people are living under extreme poverty .

Now that the ANC sees that their time is up they are trying by all means to stay in power .They event sent former President Thabo Mbeki to advocate for them .Mbeki said that if ANC Fails the whole of South Africa will fail .

In my opinion this is just the last kick of a dying horse .South Africa has been failing for years now .People are unemployed, staying in shacks .Infrastructure is being destroyed everyday and noone is doing nothing about it .There are over 15 million undocumented foreigners in South Africa who flooding healthcare system.South Africa has been failing for the past 27 years and if ANC is still in power it will continue getting worse .

If ANC survives these elections South Africa wont survive. People must stop blaming foreigners for all their problems and focus on the crux of the matter The ANC.Believe it or not they are doing more destruction than anything in this country all because they are selfish and greedy and want to keep every last bit of state money to themselves.They do not care about people and their livelihood or do they want to make their lives better.

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