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Opinion: The youth is Anti-ANC

"This generation and the youth of today want nothing to do with politics"

This is a phrase I have grown tired of hearing from senior citizens as they continue on to tell me about the ANC's political leaders and the party's during it's glory day's. While they continue to question why I am Anti-ANC today.

Being Anti-ANC is the same as being ungrateful in the eyes of our parents and die hard ANC followers, who are quick to question our loyalty to the anti apartheid regime not taking to consideration that it has been more than 20 years and the ANC has nothing to show for it.

The ANC has undoubtedly done nothing for today's youth in terms of employment and securing our future, so it's unfair to penalize us and put as in a position where we have to vote for a party based on mere sentimental value and past performances.

50 million rands worth of incomplete stadiums, 500 billion looted here and there, the list is endless. Tenders unfairly given to unqualified parties, so today's youth is conscious to politics we just don't feel the need to support a cabinet full of pensioners.

The seniors who refuse to retire are the cause of youth unemployment. When they finally decide to retire, it would be too late, as today's youth would have already lost out. We would be trying to play catch up , leading to delayed retirement or no retirement at all, that means more unemployment for future leaders and citizens.

So are we really Anti-ANC? No, we are anti any party that doesn't have our future in mind. If we fail to protect and secure our future e today, it would be too late to save our beloved from this plague called corruption.

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