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'It is not Steenhuisen's call to determine who to work with in the ANC' - OPINION

It's not Steenhuisen's call to determine who to work with in the ANC. As much as the ANC won't choose who to work with within the DA. This statement is just subtle sarcasm meant at driving a wedge to split the ANC leadership and it's constituency

The DA's strategy has always been focused on destroying the ANC, and never came up with their own programs to take the country forward

Steenhuisen should concentrate on his far from perfect DA. It actually is a trap for Steenhuisen knows for a fact that there is talk of WMC and RET, and also knows for a fact that the RET forces accuse Ramaphosa of colluding with white capitalist. He knows that his statement will, in some way, reaffirm the suspicion whilst at the same he has neither confirmed nor denied the suspicion

Since when did Steenhuisen agree in anything with Ramaphosa? Look at what happened during this pandemic. Steenhuisen never agreed on anything said by Ramaphosa. The NCCC faced more than 100 lawsuits, by the end of May 2020 and at helm was the DA directly or indirectly

He always raised controversial and 'revolt' or 'antagonistic attitude' provoking remarks towards the lockdown, then one has to ask. When did they start to be friends or found a common ground?

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