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Dali allegedly admits Mkhwebane was in possession of classified rogue unit reports, see what SA says

Mpofu admits Mkhwebane was in 'illegal' possession of classified 'rogue unit' report, 

I still don't understand why people appoint this man.

I need education on it. Where did he say that, is that not the usual propaganda? He has successfully hijacked the proceedings and left Parliamentarians impotent. Maybe that's why he gets briefs. He talks one to paralysis, I have harbored that thought now for a while. That’s why it's in quotation marks. They is the HRIU but PP and Mpofu tried and failed to make it appear as if Pravin set up an illegal, hence rogue, unit. JvL is testifying as the [email protected] head of the unit. You are probably the type to leave milk and cookies for Santa Clause on Christmas eve. That's your contribution. Absolutely. Maybe can any information not gathered by the country’s authorized intelligence service ever be legally classified? Confidential. He is going to bury his client, Why s Zuma & Mkhwebs allow to be represented by a lawyer who once said they are going straight to jail, do they trust Mpofu? 

Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has spent more than R67m of her office’s budget on legal costs to defend public protector decisions taken on judicial review and on efforts to halt her impeachment. Advocate Glynnis Breytenbach, a DA MP, said on Friday this amount was disclosed. It's our tax, and we are happy because she was dealing with crocks who do not want to be exposed. You deliberately report what suits your impressions of both Adv Mpofu and the PP. The point is that both JVL and the Court LIED that the PP didn't read the report, when SHE DID. She pushed to have the report declassified, so she could use it and was blocked even by CR! Report that. But it was necessary for the report to be in her position for the justice to prevail

So in technical laws we call it “illegal but legal”


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