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White Led government should not be blamed for ANC's failures (Opinion)

There was this notion flown around the social media streets whereby, the ANC Blames most of its failures on apartheid that happened years back while it failed to rectify those mistakes in its ruling

You can't blame the white led Government, for what the black lead government is failing to do.

As youthful black, elect to power those who are familiar to your struggles.

Than old men and women who were unable to reach their dreams when they still had energies to do so.

 because, as energetic as you are, they'll use you to achieve their own dreams.

And by the time you grow old without achieving your own goals/dreams, you'd suppress the younger generation to achieve your own DREAMS. And history will carry on repeating itself.

As youthful as you're, Elect to power the Che Guevara of your time, for it's them who will always relate to your struggles, until they're captured by old Lions in the Political den.

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