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David Mabuza Drops Bombshell | We The ANC Are Moses In Egypt So Follow Us



Deputy president David Mabuza seems to like playing with fire everywhere he goes and gets the opportunity to speak. Mabuza was responsible for convincing the community of QwaQwa to vote for the ANC. Obviously there is nothing wrong with this but the problem came when he said that The ANC has brought South Africa out of Egypt and taken it to the promise land. He called the party to be Moses.

For him to make such a comparison got people talking considering how much neglect many communities have felt over the years during the reign of the party. Thats not the only thing that had people looking at him with different angles.

During his campaigning he and his fellow comrades began to blast songs saying we have homes, we have water, education is free — we thank you ANC. Although they seemed to be getting people on their side. Some just never bought their promises as they had been promised things for years.

David Mabuza sure did put on a act like he always does making it seem like everything is perfect in the ANC and that they always deliver. Deep down he himself and the rest of his comrades don't care a single bit for what happens but just want to be voted into power again in the local municipality of QwaQwa.

QwaQwa has been in need of water for over 20 years and all Mabuza could say is that he wanted an answer from the ward councilor. Always quick too quick to point at others instead of taking initiative on the situation. For him to call his party Moses is just unbelievable cause they are nowhere close to the leadership that he had.

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