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Opinion: Leave Jacob Zuma Alone. He Has Done His Part. Let Him Rest For Once

South Africa will be a beautiful rainbow nation if we can move past our skin colour, and if also be able to detect tribalism amongst ourselves. Black people we have become our worst enemy in fact we should quit proclaiming black people this or that, but we should rather speak ethnicity when we speak because that’s what we have been doing from long time ago, and now it’s playing itself in social media.


We have this tendency of attacking one another for no apparent reason whatsoever, like an accusation will pop somewhere that so and so did so, and we are quick to chip in and start vomiting hate, but when you listen carefully and try to check what is going on, tribalism is not far fetched.


Look what has been happening to Mr. Jacob Zuma, it has been one attack on top of another, and when you listen what seems to be the issue, no, the man has defrauded the State and families are suffering because he took the money, and gave it to his family and the Guptas. I want us to check this majority of the people who support Mr. Jacob Zuma they are more in KZN and Gauteng, and there are small pockets there and there in other provinces, but majority of those who do not support him are in all remaining provinces so it doesn’t take a rocket science to see there is tribalism and racism on this issue.


Exodus 20:16 (KJV) Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.


We are busy accusing the man falsely because we do not have proof of all the accusation levelled against him, and in fact we don’t need any because we already decided. Yes, I know some will say, so and so has come out and alleged to have proof, my fellow South Africans it doesn’t matter whether it’s a lie or what you already concluded that the alleged Information is truthful and factually correct even if it is quite clear the information has never been tested in the court of law.


One will come he is avoiding to go to court, and that also is incorrect because in South Africa courts are guided by Criminal Procedure Act and whatever Mr. Jacob Zuma and his legal team are doing are within the precinct of the law, and that is not delaying tactics and that also is definitely not a crime.


Mr. Jacob Zuma was found guilty of contempt of court by Constitutional court for failing to honor court order, and how many of us are dodging maintenance orders and other court orders. We all have our own reasons and that doesn’t automatically mean we think we are above the law. It may simply means we don’t agree with some of the processes which lead to the decision taken, that’s all.


What is happening to Mr. Jacob Zuma it is no longer a matter of crime, because people are now questioning his medical conditions, his parole; and all manner of things, the man he is not a medical practitioner and he doesn’t take any part in parole process, so you wonder what is it that we really want from him?


The time will come if and when all have been tested in the court of law, when we will surely be able to say, this one was lying or telling the truth, but for now leave the man alone for once. If you don’t have anything to do just watch wrestling it does take away all the emotional stress we are all going through or do something, but please leave Jacob Zuma alone.


Lord Jesus Christ is God



Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )

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