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Look At The Train Mnagagwa bought for Zimbabweans That left Everyone Speechless

Since Mnagagwa took over as president of Zimbabwe, things have gotten worse, to the point where people are wishing Mugabe would return. Prices skyrocketed, jobs got scarcer by the day, and money became worthless as a scrap of paper. Zimbabwe was already on its knees, but Mnagagwa completely destroyed it.

Zimbabwe is now experiencing a transportation problem. Thousands of people have been left stuck on the streets with no way of getting out. Mnagagwa is to blame for the current transportation problem, as he prohibited all private transportation. Private taxis were prohibited from transporting passengers, and government buses were created.

Any wise leader understands that no government can manage the transportation industry on its own.

To avoid a transportation crisis, private sector assistance is critical.

There are state buses in South Africa, but private taxis are also permitted to transport passengers.

They understand that government buses alone will not be able to transport all of the passengers.

In an attempt to deceive Zimbabweans into believing he is tackling the problem, President Mugabe has taken old trains from the colonialism era and rebranded them as modern trains.

Everyone is aware that the trains were purchased by white folks.

We're not sure who he's attempting to deceive.

Those tains aren't even capable of moving.

Mngagagwa believes he is reigning over illiterate people. Even a 5-year-old can recognize that train as being decades old. He can't afford to buy new trains for his people and would rather see them suffer because he doesn't care and Zimbabweans are too afraid to challenge this inept government.

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