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EFF accused of buying the voters with groceries

The EFF is being accused of buying the voters. On so many occasions the EFF has found itself in contradictory to their previous statements and it is because they were being made in relation to another parties. They never thought that they would find themselves in the same situation. Like they say, never say never.

EFF members were seen with plastics of groceries and what seemed to be clothing for one families that is disadvantaged. This is a family of 8 and it is believed that the father is working but earning R800 a month. This was a good course but it is a move that was highly critisized. Many call it vote buying. The EFF is the party that is always complaining when the ANC seems to be doing the same but today, we see them literally buying votes.

It seems like political parties forget what they say as you find them doing the very same thing that they initially said was wrong. The leader of the EFF Julius Malema once said that they should not seek popularity by giving to the needy and then going as far as taking pictures and making videos. But contrary to this statement, the EFF members were caught doing the very same thing.

"Let no one amongst us gain or seek popularity out of giving to the needy. This is not the time for social media videos and pictures of showing off chatity;the needy have dignity too"

Well it seems like this statement was meant for the ANC and not the EFF. Actions speaks louder than words.

People had different views on what was done by the EFF members. Some seems to see nothing wrong with what the EFF has done, given that it is what they do through out. It is not something that started now because there elections are just around the corner.

There are those who believes that the EFF really does not have a backbone. They are always caught wanting. What they did was just an act of desparation and it amount to vote buying.

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