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Helen Zille says she will open case of assualt.

Helen Zille went and did something illegal which was to allegedly campaign in a voting station. She lied and said she was checking if everything is in order, that's not her job, that's the IEC Official's job. The cops were dealing with a criminal, this is not a GBV case.

DA federal council chair Helen Zille was dragged out of the Fernwood Primary School voting station in Bethelsdorp by the police on Monday.

Helen Zille was not assaulted. Black people are dragged outside their shacks butt naked by invasion units and it doesn't make headline news. Can we focus on important matters as a country please. 

IEC South Africa, IEC Chairperson, Glen Mashinini, said they have not received any information about the DA federal Council, Helen Zille, who was fogmarched by a police officer at Fernwood Primary School voting station. Zille opened a case of Assault. 

The DA seems to be breathing through the wound, their traditional voters are showing them their backs. What if this Helen Zille story is staged just to create commotion & noise thus grabbing attention & when party agents look out through the windows at the "Zille Show", then ballot boxes are tempered with. 

Helen zille thinks she’s special It's weird that she is the victim. All those people were doing their jobs. Every party must be treated equally. I salute the presiding officer and the police officer for doing their job. She provoked the official by breaking Electorial rules.

She knows that no parties are allowed to campaign inside the voting stations, she cannot do such, that policeman was right to escort her out, she resisted out of the blue at some point and he had to restrain her. 

She thought she was untouchable so job well done to that policeman and his team, how is using minimal force to get a stubborn person out of a place they shouldn't be in wrong? Was she voting or a party agent? Was she canvassing?

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