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A twist and turns in Jacob Zuma case

There is alot of controversy in the case that is faced by the former president Jacob Zuma. The case at some point seem done and some point seem not far from being over but what has happened right now will make you to believe otherwise about the case itself.

There are twist and turn surrounding the case

People are totally in disbilief on what is really happening. Some appeared to have given up about justice taking it course,some are still in favour of former President Jacob Zuma. Here is what really going on about the case.

Things are gettingb sour for the former president?.There are things to avoid in this case seemingly NPA is one of those things.

The man himself Jacob Zuma has lodged a very clear demand of being acquitted in his case of corruption.This follows after he has claimed that he faced alot of abuse because of this case. He believe that he has suffered all that in the hands of his prosecutors.

What more interesting is that the law expect, attorney and criminal law expect believe otherwise.

"The question that this case raises is this: if the NPA is not allowed to prosecute the former president, who is? It's one thing for him to argue that [lead Zuma prosecutor Billy] Downer is guilty of misconduct and should not be allowed to try him, but to say that the whole NPA cannot do so is unprecedented."

By Karyn Maughan

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