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Knockout Challenge Is Unfolding Between ANC & EFF Over Who Will Win Nkandla Municipality

Political parties are still going on with their campaigns promising those who will vote for the good things. One outstanding Campaign is the one which is going on in Enkandla where the EFF and ANC are promising poor families new houses. This is done so they can win votes for the former president's hometown. Maybe they can ask themselves if ever anything was done for them while Jacob Zuma was the president of the country.

The IFP is currently the one leading that municipality, it is one of the popular areas in KwaZulu-Natal Northern rural town. As for Malema, it is not the first he promised Zuma's neighbors that he will build them houses. In the year 2014, the EFF built a house for Sthandiwe Hlongwane who lives not far from Zuma's home. They managed to bank 1,1 million votes. 

Many questions are asked if this is the right thing to do, campaigning at Zuma's playground, where the neighbors snubbed the ruling party, during his presidential office 2009 -2018. When Malema was interviewed he said he was the rest of KwaZulu-Natal. He even told the media that he will campaign everywhere and Zuma's backyard is not going to be spared. The ruling party fought with Malema in KwaDumbuza when he was stopped from campaigning.

He responded and said they are no place restricted for campaigning in the country. The eff leader continued to say they will not allow crooks to stop them from securing votes and he said they will confront them for fights if they continue doing so.

The ANC official in the moses Mabhida region is promising to build a house for the Mhlongo Family. As the campaign feud goes on the independent Electoral commission is encouraging voters to register for the soon coming votes, so they can express their voice via the ballot papers.

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