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Opinion - Opinion - We will sing and chant revolutionary slogans to afirm that your not alone.

Dear Julius Malema

You may be wondering who am i and why am writing this letter to you. I know we have met couple of times but you and i are bound together by one fundamental thing. We are Africans and we believe in ideas that people rejects. We both believe in economic freedom in our life time. We both believe that Africans will one day be liberated from the lybarithne that keeps them mentaly colonised. We both believe that the African land will one day belong to Africans.

Julius! My name is The Ultimate, but many knows me as an economic freedom fighter, some even call me a 'liberator', it is of no mistake why people call me all this. Maybe one day i will explain to you the etymology of all this revolutionary names that i have inherited.

Yes, they may dispossess your assets but they will never dispossess the ideas you fought for. They may erase you in the political fraternaties but they will never erase you in the minds of those who believe in your ideas. You may die, you may be forgoten but your ideas live forever in the minds of people.

Your ideas will always be relevant to the current quagmires that we face as Africans, the youth in particular. History will always locate your ideas to the struggles we face as Africans.

Yes, many think you are a plague that tormented South Africa since 2008. The plague did spread and am glad it got into my nerves and my blood.

Julius, let them take everything but they must never take your soul. Your existence automaticaly liberates us.

I know am emotionaly parallyzed and vocally wounded but my voice will be amongst hundreds and thousands of those who will be showing solidarity on the battle to liberate Africans from the mental dungeon .

We will sing and chant revolutionary slogans to afirm that your not alone.

Your Ally In Struggle: The African Child!

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