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Zanele Magwaza's Party Want To Honor Her By Winning The Municipality She Led For Sixteen Years

NFP is promising to win Zululand Region in honor of their late leader Zanele Magwaza-Msibi.

The NFP lost its leader a few months ago and already they have been feuding among the leaders and many are seeing the dead end to the party. When the late Zanele Magwaza-Msibi established the party in 2011 she managed to win 600 000 votes in local government elections and later in 2019 the number decreased to only 60 000 in the national general elections. Many of these votes came from her IFP members who followed her to her new party. The later NFP leader caused havoc for IFP when the NFP formed an alliance with ANC and removed the party out of control in many KwaZulu-Natal Municipalities in 2011.

As a part of celebrating her victory former president, Jacob Zuma appointed her as the deputy minister of science and technology from 2014 until 2019. In the same year, the NFP obtained six seats which was an amazing victory for a small party as the National Freedom Party. Eleven years later the party is facing crisis especially with its founder deceased and the remnant having feud among themselves it will see the down of the party. But the deputy president of the NFP is not losing hope. He confirmed that the party will surprise many in the November elections. The party still holds to its two seats in the National Assembly.

The president said they are working hard within the party to regroup and regain the lost territory. As for those who are preparing for their funeral they will be in for a big surprise. He has promised his supporters that the NFP will go back to Zululand and reclaim all the district it was had, when its late leader was a Mayor for 16 years, this is an Honour they are promoting. He put the rumors aside that says Gugu Gumede wants to be the party's president and take over from where her mother left. Mavundla said the focus is on elections at the present moment.

The rest of the things will be discussed after the elections. Many things are at stake in the party, performance-wise in the upcoming elections is uncertain but everyone is waiting to see what fate the votes will put the party in. Infighting and contesting for the high seats has never been a solution, if Gugu Gumede deserves the leadership seat they can as well give it to her, she is also a well-loved individual in her corner. The celebrity might help to boost the party's votes sometimes exploring is not a problem, but what messes up things is the greedy leaders who just want to see things happening without working hard.

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