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Malema Supports Criminals?


Like other political parties, EFF leader Julius Malema is fighting tooth and nail to convince voters to vote for his party during the local government elections that will be held on the 1st of November.

In other provinces like KwaZulu-Natal, Malema did not receive a warm welcome as members of other political parties tried to block EFF members from entering the IEC voting stations.

Fortunately for him, he had smooth sailing in some provinces like the North-West, where he was campaigning during the weekend.


The public has doubts about Malema following his statements during the outbreak of Covid-19 when borders were closed. Many South Africans have been calling for the deportation of illegal immigrants, but Malema encouraged undocumented foreign nationals to find ways to enter the country, citing that Africa should be a single state without borders.

For obvious reasons, this has not impressed many people as they feel that should Malema be the president of the Republic, foreign nationals will do as they please and the crime rate will be higher than it already is.

In The News

While campaigning at Mahikeng in North West yesterday, Malema stated that illegal electricity connectors, popularly known as 'izinyoka-nyoka', should not be arrested for ensuring that their communities have electricity, but regarded as heroes.

Many people, including children, have been electrocuted by cables that were illegally connected, hence this has been regarded as a crime. Strangely enough, Malema believes otherwise.

What The Public Says

According to the public's opinion, mainly from Malema's supporters, Malema said that he loves Izinyoka-nyoka only because they have proven that there can be electricity in the squatters, although electricity companies like Eskom and City Power maintain that this is not possible.

On the other hand, Malema's anti-followers say that Malema wants the Republic to be a lawless state, and continues to encourage people to break the law.

Author's Opinion

The illegal connection of electricity should be eradicated as it is very dangerous. With that said, if the government was providing communities with quality service delivery and putting their interests and safety first, the illegal connection of electricity could be avoided.

Malema might have a point. Illegal electricity connectors continue to ensure that there is electricity in their communities with almost no recourses, and maybe electricity companies should give them jobs. This, sadly, does not change the fact that connecting electricity illegally is dangerous. The only way to stop this is by providing all communities, including squatter camps, electricity.

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