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Tito Mboweni Comes Out of Retirement

Date: 27/01/22



The country is well aware that the former minister of finance decided to resign from his position a few months ago. He never truly revealed why he resigned from such a position but it was mostly assumed he wanted to retire since he had reached the age. He however surprised many South Africans when he posted on his Twitter account things that might mean he just might be coming out of retirement.


According to Tito Mboweni, He is now back to job hunting again. This is after months of sitting and enjoying his farm and cooking meals for Twitter everyday. The reason behind this interest to go back and start a job is unknown. He did not even specify exactly what job he is currently applying for but it seems like he's going to the giving politics and entering a job in finance. Below is his full tweet:

"Jobs interviews, today I was preparing for a job interview. Ok. They want my CV, certificates and finger prints before the interview! What? I thought everybody knows me. Nope. Stand on the line buddy! Certificates, finger prints and CV. Next week interview"


It seems like the old man is very tired of being bored all day long. This is actually a great thing for him. Sitting around all day doesn't do anything for anyone. He could also just be going back into politics but keeping it a secret. We will only find out next week what he actually is looking for. It will be very interesting if he was to join another political party after all this work he has done in the ANC.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think Tito Mboweni is going back to politics of an ordinary Job.

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