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Dudu Zuma| Between the ANC and Ramaphosa One Has to go, We Can't Rescue Both

Dudu Zuma is really obsessing over is Honourable President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa, I dont know why but what she needs to know is President Ramaphosa is not going anywhere, second term for him is actually loading. She can't let go of Ramaphosa if the majority votes for ANC then one knows that the taps won't be flowing they will be dripping. We are going to serve both because we love them, you can hate them because he derailed the Zuma Gupta episodesRamaphosa I like him for one reason because he is a pain to the Zumas. I wish him a second term, may those who bought him first term buy him the second term so he finish the Zuma project. Instead of helping ANC win more Municipalities you are fighting with the same ANC that made you rich, today you are saying this as if you are better than ANC. You're bitter Sis, Cyril is here to stay. I like him because he's closing looting taps for some who thought they own SA and the ANC like the Zuma family, this is not North Korea

We are doing just fine and stop playing big in terms of our body politic, you are nothing but a parrot, Viva ANC Viva Viva President Ramaphosa. Zumas are nothing without ANC but ANC is ANC without the Zumas, stop trying to play some reality show on twitter. Cyril Ramaphosa was something without the ANC and he is much better with the ANC. ANC is not a cult but mass based movement of our people not leaders

Cyril is going nowhere, you just have to get over it by the way he will be getting a second term, and there is nothing you and your father can do about it because your say does not count now and your term was over

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