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RIP: Another ANC Top Brass Laid To Rest -eNCA

Late Joburg Mayor Jodilee Matongo. Picture: @MatongoMmc/Twitter

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - The funeral for Jolidee Matongo, the late mayor of Johannesburg, is scheduled to take place on Friday morning.

Matongo, who was inaugurated as mayor in August after the death of Geoff Makhubo, was killed in a vehicle accident on the Golden Highway last weekend. He had been driving on the Golden Highway when the accident occurred.

He and African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa had been campaigning in Soweto at the time of the election.

Two more individuals were also slain in the incident.

Despite the fact that his time at the head of the City of Johannesburg was brief, many people have praised the late mayor for his compassion and his dedication to service delivery.

On Friday, Matongo will be given a civic funeral in recognition of the service he provided to the council and the city.

An ANC delegation convened at the late mayor's residence in Lenasia South on Thursday to pay tribute to his family and his legacy of selfless service to the community.

Matongo, according to ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa, is dedicated to improving the lives of the people of the city of Johannesburg.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said: "He was a really great leader, and we want to continue on with the vision that he had for the city."

Matongo will be laid to rest in West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg.

"We are requesting that those who will be attending the funeral attendee to kindly adhere to the norms of Covid-19." "Please put on your masks, maintain social distance, and sanitize," the city advised residents.

"We are encouraging our people who are unable to attend the funeral in person to participate online, since the service will be broadcast live on the City of Joburg's social media channels." Let us unite our forces and support our elected mayor," said the group.

New Johannesburg mayor Jolidee Matongo dies in car crashMatongo passed away last weekend as a result of a car accident. Prior to his death, he had spent the previous day on the campaign trail in Soweto with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The President paid his final respects to his family today during a visit to the White House.

"I can't say that I'm delighted to be here since it's not a pleasant occasion, but I'm glad that I was able to spend time with you. I've just arrived from the province of KwaZulu-Natal. I thought I'd stop by to express my sympathies before continuing on to Limpopo, so I did. Because I was with him the whole day on Saturday, what has happened to us has been very difficult for me. We were working shoulder to shoulder the entire day, and when they phoned me, my heart shattered," Ramaphosa said to mourners gathered at Matongo's home.

The grief must be excruciating for you people who went to church with him, I'm sure." Please accept my condolences. It was very tough for me to be around his mother, wife, and kid. I also encouraged them to take comfort in one another. What occurred was unfortunate, yet it was God's will that it occurred. It's just the way God works; we have no idea what He's up to. Let us rejoice in whatever God accomplishes since He is the only one who understands what He is doing."

Among the longest-serving members of the African National Congress's regional executive committee in Johannesburg, Matongo was previously selected by the late mayor Geoff Makhubo to serve as the city's mayor's management committee for finance (MMC of finance).

The premature death of Jolidee Matongo brings to mind words from the Chinua Achebe book Things Fall Apart, which are particularly poignant in light of the situation:

"He has taken a knife to the things that held us together, and we have crumbled under the weight of his words.

"For whom is it well, for whom is it good?" says the speaker.

"There is no one for whom everything is fine."

A knife slashed through the things that held many of us together, shattering us and leaving us in utter disbelief that a diamond that had been so meticulously polished within the Mass Democratic Movement structures and was now shining in a very public manner had seen his life cut short by an unfathomable act of violence.

Why, why, why? are some of the thoughts that many of us have been pondering while strolling about. We have not been feeling well, despite the fact that we have had to carry out the duties that have been assigned to us by the ANC. Many of us are feeling numb as a result of Matongo's death, as well as a tremendous sense of loss and profound sorrow that a cadre who was entering his prime has been taken away from us.

It's hard to comprehend this tragedy': Ramaphosa on death of Jolidee MatongoHe was a youth activist par excellence, having gained prominence through his involvement in Cosas, the ANCYL, and the promotion of youth issues within the City of Johannesburg Youth Unit. Matongo was an ANCYL product who never missed an opportunity to advocate for youth and their concerns, and who always placed youth empowerment at the heart of his politics, including during his later tenure as mayor of the City of Johannesburg.

"Tried and tested cadre of the congress movement," as Matongo was often referred to, was a living embodiment of that overused term, who served with dignity and decorum in the many deployments to which the ANC sent him.

In his various roles in government, whether as chief of staff in the provincial government, ANC spokesperson in Johannesburg or, more recently, as MMC and mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Matongo never lost his humaneness, love for people, humility, or eagerness to serve others and make a difference in their lives. Matongo was a man of many talents. It was never Matongo's intention to lose contact with the ordinary man, and he was never guilty of the arrogance and haughtiness that so many people fall victim to when the movement begins to impose significant duties on them.

In an era when many laments the growing chasm that has opened up between the ANC and the rest of society, Matongo's life serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining grounded, of being one with the people, of leading society by serving rather than lording it over them, and of caring about individuals while working to transform and improve a lot of the collective in society.

Because, at the end of the day, revolution is about people and the change of lives, Matongo's story serves as a reminder to us as revolutionaries that it is critical to leave an imprint of lives transformed wherever your organization leads you.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of a comrade, brother, friend, confidante, and coworker, who was unquestionably one of the best that the ANC has ever produced. He was a modest guy who never placed his own aspirations above the needs of the organization. A talented, professional, and highly capable cadre, he contributed to the ANC's effort to change society via the state and left an indelible imprint on everyone whose life he touched or with whom he came into contact.

Jolidee Matongo becomes new mayor of Joburg unopposedWhen it came to be a genuine example of cadres, you were "the finest amongst us," and you were a leader par excellence. Joli, your love, honesty, and devotion really set you apart from many other cadres. You served the people of Johannesburg with the utmost humility, dedication, and honesty. Thank you for everything. You were not just a leader, but also a genuine role model for others.

The late Matongo was a cadre who understood organizational discipline while also being a genuine radical who always spoke his opinions and tried to engage those who disagreed with him within appropriate organizational forums, never resorting to insults or cheap populism in the process. Genuine radicalism was at the heart of his work, which was oriented toward changing and enhancing the lives of others rather than for personal advancement or fame.

While your untimely death has left a profound, open wound that is unlikely to heal any time soon, we hope that with time we will be able to accept and move on from it. As a revolutionary, you dedicated yourself to the people's movement and the cause of bringing about a better life for all, shunning all self-glorification and self-aggrandizement, with an attitude best described in Ayi Kwei Armah's novel, The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born: A Novel of the People's Movement and the Cause of Bringing About a Better Life for All: A Novel of the People's Movement and the Cause of Bringing About

"When I'm alone, I'm nothing." I don't have anything. We have power, but we will never realize it, and we will never see it put to use until we band together to make it happen," she says.

We must reflect on the revolutionary life of Matongo, who was by nature a unifier and a peacemaker, by introspecting as an organization and asking our forefathers, our ancestors, to forgive us for the current state in which our organization finds itself, with rampant factionalism, disunity, comrades killing and culling each other; with the discord, divisions, and strife that are rife; and with the discord, divisions, and strif.

We must commit to doing better, to resolving the issues that we are presently facing as an organization, and to restoring this organization to its previous grandeur in order for us to all be able to concentrate on achieving our historical purpose. In memory of Matongo, we must find solutions to all of our issues and go ahead as a unified front, with the forthcoming local government elections serving as a litmus test for our commitment to this goal.

Bashers of Jolidee Matongo's SA citizenship are paid to do so - Dada MoreroWe want to offer our sincere and heartfelt sympathies to the Matongo family, particularly to his wife, Kedibone, and son, Tshenolo, as well as our gratitude to them for allowing him to serve the ANC and the people of Johannesburg over the course of many years. We thank you for your sacrifice in providing us with this revolutionary son of the land, and we look forward to seeing him serve and have a good effect on the lives of the people of Johannesburg in the future.

Matongo was a well-rounded person who was not only dedicated to his spiritual beliefs but was also a die-hard football enthusiast who was well-known for his support of the Orlando Pirates and other local teams. He made the most of every moment of his existence and devoted himself completely to anything to which he set his mind.

In honouring Matongo's life and contributions, and in remembrance of the fact that he was a deeply spiritual individual who was dedicated and committed to his church, may we all find comfort in the words of the Reverend John Newton, author of the timeless hymn Amazing Grace: "In honouring Matongo's life and contributions, in remembrance of the fact that he was a deeply spiritual individual who was dedicated and committed to his church, may we all find comfort in these words from the

In the Bible, it says, "Man is created capable of three births: by nature, he comes into this world; by grace, he enters into spiritual light and life; and through death, he enters into glory."

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