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People Surprised to see Officials Celebrating an Unveiling of a Pit Toilet for the Community

The government likes to celebrate and publicize every mile stone whether big or small to showcase the fact that they are doing something for the communities they serve.

It does not come as a surprise to see them celebrating such a thing as a pit toilet, due to the fact that most African country's on this continent like to celebrate every thing, from mud bridges and even wooden bridges just to showcase their accomplishments as the leaders of the country they are leading.

It is sad to see that in some parts of the African continent people are still suffering so much that, they would be happy when the government builds them a pit toilet in this day and age. It is definitely not clear where this took place, but after seeing the pictures the people immediately assumed that it was somewhere in South Africa, with one user saying that it could be some where in the Eastern Cape.

The reason that the people who commented on the pictures thought that this took place some where in the country is because they know our government, and they know for a fact that they are capable of doing such a thing. This comes after they posted a picture of them unveiling a R15 million stadium to the public that didn't even look like it was worth a million. Some people know that in some parts of South Africa there are places without proper water and sensation connections, and use pit toilets to relieve them selves, that is why they think that it is somewhere in the country.

One Facebook user claimed that this was a ploy by the government to steal some funds by saying that it must have cost them over five thousand rands to build one of those toilets. Whether it is South Africa or some other country on the Continent, it clearly shows that we as Black people have a long way to go and that out black leaders are definitely failing us.


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