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VIDEO| Hopefully the new ANC leaders in NW will start fixing the roads which are falling apart

The ANC is good for business because it keeps the government weak. Having been weakened and hollowed out by provincial and NEC leaders, the ANC in the NW actually exists only on paper, most likely after Polokwane. It disintegrated into distinct factions owned and accountable to self-appointed leaders who maintain followers through bribery and hostility toward other factions.

Consequently, the ANC is involved in more than just organized crime. The new PEC will not be given a chance to improve services because the NEC will not allow it. It's like a prison where everyone is incarcerated and everyone, including the leader, is a gang member. Therefore, we will never have stability, social development, or industry. A few hundred ANC members who have bankrupted the government have gathered in Rustenburg amidst potholes to vie for positions, with government power as the primary prize.

The ANC in the Northwest and everywhere else makes no effort to conceal its elitist character and personality-driven, factional self-serving succession processes. They no longer discuss socioeconomic policy and they do not know or care about public welfare; it is their own wealth that matters. All citizens of this beautiful nation must be aware that these politicians will make a variety of promises in order to gain your support and vote. Then my question is, have your life and the lives of your children improved, especially the lives of the poor in this country, and has anyone taken responsibility for the mismanagement or corruption of money in this beautiful country? We as a nation should unite in prayer during these times.

South Africans have been losing patience with the corrupt ANC, but now it is more accurate to say that we have lost faith in the ANC's leadership. The ANC has demonstrated in all the years it has been in power that might makes right, as many of its members have chosen to turn a blind eye, and disregard the principles of morality in the face of the nation's problems.

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