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The ANC is In Trouble After This Happened In Pretoria

The ANC is In Trouble After This Happened In Pretoria

Date: 2021/09/20

The African National Congress is in trouble in Pretoria Mamelodi because the people over there do not have houses and they believe it is the government's fault because they were promised nice houses by the government 1994, the government should be giving them proper toilets and sanitation as that it the government's Job at least because they still dig holes which is very dangerous for children.

But know that our government is struggling to get funds to do the work because we having some people who pocket some of the money when they are given tenders to take do proper water and sanitation.

The ruling party needs to change some of their procedures when they issue out tenders because the normal people are the ones to feel the pain.

These are some of the things that could cause the shift of power in the coming elections, but Cyril has not yet started campaigning for the party, he seems rather quiet, the party is in shambles and it looks like the ANC are going to have the hardest elections this year compared to all the other years combined. They will have to work very to become the best possible versions of themselves and build RDP houses for the people they love.

People in Pretoria Mamelodi know that they have to work extra hard, to make sure that the ANC build the houses and toilets like they promised the people because what will happen is that the people in that town will end up voting for the Economic Freedom Fighters who will lead this country in a very terrible way. The party knows exactly do the right things but they choose shortcuts, but with proper governance, the country will get back to normal.


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