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Ian Khama - Was This Picture Taken During Minority Rule in Rhodesia or Minority Rule in Zimbabwe?

Was this picture taken during minority rule in Rhodesia or majority rule in Zimbabwe? During Ian Smiths white minority rule in Rhodesia, the police used to clamp down and oppress the black majority. A successful war of liberation was waged to free that majority from oppression and gain independence.Now forty years later and under majority rule, nothing seems to have changed for the long suffering people of Zimbabwe other than the name of the county and that of its leaders. Free Zimbabwe!

The problem in Zimbabwe is the current leadership has too much baggage. They are just masquerading as a civilian government while in actual fact they are a military style government. 

Both the history of the ZANUPF and that of the current generation of its leadership compels them to maintain the status quo in order to maintain the regime in power.

Rhodesian oppressive laws were far better than the Zimbabwe's freedom laws. At least under Smith we never died of hunger, people didn't go missing, cholera didn't kill because hospitals were well equipped, nurses never went on strike leaving patients to die alone andpolitical opponents never went missing. Smith was far better than this.

Oh how sad we have come.

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