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Herman Mashaba Promises To Do This On Immigrants If His Party Wins The Election || See Why



It has now been four full years since the immigrants have been troubling the South African economy. This is because South African problems started to get worse when the ruling party failed to control the illegal migrant from South Africa.

This is where the problem started as they used to commit crimes with the respect that they won't be cautioned for their crimes. The issue of immigrants getting away with crime has now got out of hand as people are promising President Cyril Ramaphosa that they will take the matter into their own hands if they fail to find a great solution for this.

Herman Mashaba is a political leader of actions that made a promise to South Africans that if they cast their votes and vote for the party that has a clear mandate and plans like ActionSA then they will promise you to secure the South African economy.

This is because he has already laid out his plans on how he is going to make immigrants accountable for their actions to contribute to the performance of the economy. What they have planned is something that looks like an innovative solution to solving the taxation problem in the country. This is because their mandate is that they will ensure that every illegal immigrant is registered for SARS and has a South African Identity document.

This is what every citizen wants for the country and it seems like the ruling party won't put the lives of South Africans first. This is because it has always been a cry that a good alternative must be exercised from the one available of which the ruling party has not put into consideration.

Herman Mashaba seems so adamant that if his party were to be granted power and the votes were to go his way then he will use this method to combat the high increase of crimes committed in the country by illegal immigrants.

What is your intake on this and why?

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