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EXPOSED|| Another Foreigner With 3 Different Identity Cards With Different Names, See Her Names


The call for foreigners to leave our country has been ongoing for far too long. Their criminal activities and how they continue to show us that they are not worth welcoming continue to enrage people. Although not all of them are criminals, those who engage in criminal activities tarnish the reputations of all foreigners. We no longer know which ones to trust and which ones to never trust.There are so many reasons why people say they no longer want foreigners in our country. These people are really ruining our country. Every day we keep on hearing different stories about the illegal things they do, especially when it comes to creating fake things and selling them to us. They put our health at risk with the things they sell. Following all that, Mzansi discovered something that just added paraffin to the fire of hatred. Another foreigner was exposed again.


This woman was found with 3 identity documents that had 3 different names. It's just evident that she’s doing something illegal and her documents are fake. Many people were so angry after they saw a picture of her different identity documents. We all thought we could only make foreigners commit criminal acts, but it seems as if we were wrong. See the photo of her identity documents below.



This is really misleading. After seeing this, Mzanzi called for police to start a manhunt for this woman because she’s dangerous to the community. She will be committing crimes in different areas with different identities. This is for those kinds of people who are always relocating from one place to another. People were so angered by this. See some of the comments below.



Our only hope now is the Dudula movement, because the police don’t want to deport these foreigners. There must be a link provided by Home Affairs where everyone will be able to check if the identity document is legal because these people are making fake identities.


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