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CAPE TOWN: Attempting to stop unlawful land occupation!

We do not want to override the Council in an effort to stop illegal occupation; rather, we want a decommissioning order that the Council must have a court order ... to make the eviction or removal of buildings that they say “ineffective”. Whether the building was used or not should be decided by a court of law, not by City officials serving as judges and judges on the matter.

These talks seek to bring down the LRC, our clients and the people who had to take the place of the world, into one incomparable victim - with an indescribable chutzpah - who is there to try to balance, and the City simply makes services available only to a few. the number of people from a particular race and class.

How this applies to discrimination: by rejecting each of us the elements of understanding. It also operates with a strong emphasis on evicting and evicting homes in the midst of a global health crisis, disregarding legal and constitutional protections against evictions, and without providing alternative accommodation for lawmakers.

Racial segregation is also expressed in such a way that homeless people are integrated into the camp without regard to physical migration and without the provision of medical care to the residents of the camp, as well as excessive police in the area.

Indeed, when all these situations became known and provoked public outrage, appropriately, the same group of traumatized souls were loaded onto trucks and thrown to various locations near the city, leaving them to fend for themselves.

There is also racism in the refusal to issue Covid-19 trading licenses - even though there are strict rules to ban Level 4 that allow for this - to informal traders at the Grand Parade, as well as to disgrace the "mussel market". However, the Oranjezicht boat market, which is the boat market itself, does not face such a rejection of trading permits.

Finally, racism reveals how Mayor Dan Plato instructed the South African Police Service on their conduct to disperse the most white protesting group in the tourism industry, while allowing for the excessive use of force by its officials against homelessness. black people protest peacefully in Khayelitsha.

With this confirmation of the institutional discrimination of the City of Cape Town, we at the LRC find ourselves abandoning our original task of advancing human rights, in order to use our history and our work to reflect the strange nature of the statements made against the LRC, and among the official documents. .

The first of these speeches was made by a member of the Mayoral Committee of the Human Settlements, Malli Booi, who called the LRC a “land invasion” and also pointed out that we are also a ‘third party’ involved in “major” destructive events. , well-organized, well-funded and integrated. ”

Booi links this to a series of recent city-wide protests, which have resulted in injuries to schools and various modes of transport. However, there is no direct link between these protests and our litigation with the city on behalf of the SAHRC and Mr Qolani, or the evidence supporting Booi's support.

Booi has spread inconsistent news in a way that seeks to convey any inconsistency with City's actions, both illegal and illegal.

Firstly, the Legal Center is not involved in any activities that degrade the city of Cape Town, especially service-related protests. We have participated in, and in public, to protect the rights of slum dwellers who the city seeks to evict without proper procedure or court proceedings, in violation of the PIE provisions.

Although the City has the right to remove persons who have illegally occupied state land under its administration, it must do so in the proper documentation.

In two City of Cape Town media reports, Mayor Plato also called for the misconduct of the LRC and our clients by denying that public assistance was due on August 20, and that we wanted the legalization of private and public land to be legalized.

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