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'You are our voice. Our only hope' Mzansi react after EFF rejects NERSA increase of electricity cost

South African people give their gratitude to EFF for being their voice and only hope. South Africans claim that the SA government doesn't care about them anymore.

EFF Statement


24 February 2022

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rejects the anti-poor decision by the National Energy Regulation of South Africa ( NERSA), to grant a 9.61% increase to the cost of electricity. In a context of depressing levels of unemployment, a dwindling economy, and an unprecedented increase in the cost of living, an increase in the cost of electricity is a cruel addition to the misery of the poor.

The increase, which is lower than the ridiculous request by Eskom which was 20.5%, is by no means a reprieve6 and means that low-income black households will struggle to make ends meet and small business which is still reeling from the Covid-19 pandemic will suffer.

It is patently clear that Andre De Ruyter has no believable plan to steer Eskom on the course of recovery, and the presence of independent power producers is having the exploitative effects the EFF had predicted

We have long said that the privatization of energy generation and distribution will come with an increase in the costs of electricity because the private sector's sole obligation is to accumulate profit for itself. This means that it is willing to provide electricity to the wealthy few at exorbitant prices, without any concern for the development objectives of South Africa, so long as profit targets are met.

Whether poor communities can afford electricity is of no concern to the private sector, because its mandate is not to the People, in the way an entity such as Eskom would have if it was under capable state control.

This hike comes in a context where the nation is still subjected to rolling blackouts and insecurity around electricity supply. De Ruyter's strategy is to bleed South Africans dry while ensuring that he deliberately collapse Eskom and auctions it to the highest bidder.

It must not be the responsibility of ordinary people to rescue Eskom from blatant mismanagement, by paying more for a basic need such as electricity. The fact that those at the helm at Eskom, seek to service their debt obligations and maximize profits at the expense of citizens, is a shameful indication of a government that has abandoned its mandate to cater for services for all.

Issues by Economic Freedom Fighters


South African people now love EFF for supporting them on this issue of electricity increase.


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