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27 years of democracy there should be no more time for empty promises of failed government

Since 27 years of democracy, the should be no more time for empty promises.

Amnesty International south Africans demand the African national congress government understand that millions of South Africans are suffering under its leadership and this local election manifesto and campaigns are just another source of empty promises. Millions of people in South Africa still do not have access to basic services, including safe and reliable water, sanitation,n, and adequate housing, this is a violation of basic human rights. 

Since 1994 informal settlement has increased people are left without proper housing.

In recent times, the quality of service delivery has largely been weakened by corruption. This, at the expense of people living in the country who are constitutionally entitled to have their basic needs met and to live with dignity.

The ANC government needs to fix this now, and we, as the people, need to demand that this happens now through election our demand should be had and our vote should be used to hold them accountable, transparent, and access to the required information toom our municipalities to ensure that they are doing their constitutional mandate.

access to basic needs such as water, sanitation, and housing is an important building block to improve the quality of life for everyone living in South Africa.

But it looks like about 20 million people don't have access to basic needs.

This government is here because of the very same people voting to have them yet Accountability is a word missing from every ANC dictionary.

With every vote, ANC gives free t-shirts and it stops there, They should realize that it is the government's responsibility to provide opportunities for people to earn wages to buy or rent .it is the government's responsibility to Maintain Roads. Provide, clean drinking water, running water, decent schools with qualified teachers, but the ANC have failed on every level and want to be reelected again.


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