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Botswana helicopter tracked down Zimbabweans who had hid in the warehouse and arrested them in video

Victoria Africa, leader of Put SouthAfricans First and newest member of Gayton McKenzie's Patriot Alliance, reacted enthusiastically to the news. Hopewell Chin'ono, a journalist and political activist from Zimbabwe, tweeted, and she answered with enthusiasm. She wrote that the government of Botswana must turn over every stone. They must expel all Zimbabweans, even those with proper documentation. Zimbabweans must develop the ability to stand up and fight for their nation. Zimbabweans must quit being lazy. We will deport all South Africans next. This is an assurance.

In Botswana, this occurred yesterday. While President @OfficialMasisi publicly backs ZANUPF and President Mnangagwa, his government conducts a merciless "capture and deport" operation against Zimbabweans. This helicopter was searching the warehouse for Zimbabweans who had taken refuge there.

After being apprehended, they were escorted to the Plum Tree border checkpoint on the Zimbabwean side and held. These are the results of the Zimbabwean economy's deterioration, which is unable to offer employment for its population. Daily, the myths surrounding economic growth are debunked!

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