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SAns and Kenyans attacks Julius Malema after he said this about Kenya ", read here


Julius Malema is one contradictory man and he is making hard for people to keep up with him , let alone put their faith in him. Malema and his party are adamant about being an advocate for foreigners, whether legal or illegal and they are always condemning operations, movements rather, formed by South Africans advocating for their rights and to be put first.

However, when it comes to other African political issues, he always advices them, to put their countries first and fight for it, yet when South Africans do that and decides to prioritise themselves, he calls them xenophobic.

"But Kenyans must prioritise Kenya and must protect Kenya, and must protect their democracy. They must love their country more than loving individual ", said Julius Malema

" When are you prioritising South Africa more than your Italian mafia boss and your Yahoo boys. You are just comedians, serious ", one said

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