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SAD News|| President Is Laughed At By Social media After Saying This.[OPINION]



President Mr Cyril Ramaphosa has been a target for being laughed at and made fun of on social media platforms. People still are in disbelief that the president is still trying to persuade people to vote for the ANC with all the failed promises and what others would call nothing but pure lies.

The president made a statement while presenting the goals of his political party and all that they are willing to do in order to gain back the trust of citizens of South Africa. He said that the main aim for the party has always been to reduce poverty and bringing an end to unemployment in the country.

But just by looking ever since the time he came into power nothing much has transformed but with things only getting worse. The civil unrest was a indicator that nothing has been done for as long as we can remember. The effects are surely boiling and it wont be long until the cup tips over the Anc and all its members.

Citizens in this country dont even bother putting their hope in the Anc. It seems like the fall of this political organisation is at hand. A corrupt system can't run forever it will always stop due to self damage. Sometimes we ask ourselves what's so hard about doing the right thing and not being selfish to fill their own pockets. 

But although many arent vouching for the ANC we know that they have deeply rooted supporters that never want to separate from the organisation no matter what. These people to me are the ones that are limiting how far we will be able to go as country. They keep hoping that they will benefit from the governance of the Anc but thats just a very wrong assumption and will probably never happen

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SAD News||


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