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OPINION| Zanu Pf is Better Than MDC in Many Ways

We are the democrats ready to replace the Zanu pf government because they don't practice democracyThen citizens in Zimbabwe practice their democratic rights of freedom of association they are attacked left right and center. Java, Nakamba,Sulu, Mai Titi, Kadewere and many are victims of harassment by MDC Chamisa supporters, just for practicing freedom of affiliation. Today Seh Calaz just said happy birthday to ED and he is into itChamisa who always talk about how democracy is undermined by Zanu pf when he got a chance to be interviewed, can't even tell his hooligans what democracy means. I hope in his next interview he is going to be honest and tell the world we as MDC Chamisa we insult anyone who don't subscribe to us. We attacked Calaz for birthday message to ED and we are champions of democracy.

I now understand that Zanu pf is better than MDC because at some point they acknowledge where they lost it. MDC is always making noise Zanu pf must reform but itself is not reformed. They call for sanctions that also contributed to the economy decay and before they even think of telling Zanu, to reform they must lead by example in reforming by decampaigning sanctions they called for. Otherwise whatever reforms they are preaching about to us is just propaganda because for myself I believe for the nation to go forward both Zanu pf and MDC must reform

The only thing that these parties are common in is, trying to be on the seat and feed their families and forget about the rest of the citizens, forgetting that the same people are the ones who put them on power. I dont trust the MDC at all because it is just like Zanu, to those behind all these parties I say good luck as you will spend your whole lives watching them enjoy their lives while you struggle. I'm the patriotic citizen with free education and unwanted truth and I'm ready for the debate

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